August 27, 2008

A Ball or a Box

The New ice cream maker Ball in US
With the unique Original Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball, you can make ice cream anywhere! You don't need electricity, just add ice and rock salt in one end and ice cream mix in the other end-then have a ball as you shake it, pass it or roll it!
The ice cream mix can be as simple as cream, sugar and vanilla.
All you need is:
Ice & Rock Salt
Cream, Sugar & Vanilla
A Group of friends to have a ball

A similar ice cream maker like our shake n freeze ice cream maker BOX

Have a BOX ,rather a ball
what makes the difference of a Ball and a Box.
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The ic maker Ball is for you to roll and play around!
Sounds eazy,imagine you rolling a large coconut for make ice cream.=p
who wants break a toe if u kick it...and iff u making the ice cream by ur self???
whose gona play with u???
and the most important isue we consider...the quality..
because the ice cream mixture were not stir most of the time.....most of it freeze at the wall...
you dont get a smooth product at the end! u'l end up soupy and hard ice cream.

Thats why most of the people choose a B0X rather than a Ball.
Ice cream maker box will not need so much energy,just have to shake and to
stir once in a while! Not like having a ball for exercise!
The quality of our Box produce,is smooth and balance ice cream.

Basic Vanilla Ice CreamImage Preview
Base for most of the ice cream.
Use this recipe.

Milk and cream Half Half 200ml +1 ½ teaspoons vanilla + 2 tablespoons sugar*=vanilla ice cream
Using half milk and half cream makes a creamy n smooth
ice cream.

Half Half ?
half half means using 50% milk and 50% cream
100ml milk+100ml cream=200ml
just mix the milk and cream,no cooking needed!
Variations (add to vanilla recipe)
exp.banana or strawberry puree,milo or cocoa,yogurt....

Sin chew 7/27/2008

Sin chew newspaper 12/4/2008


New DIY Ice cream freezer bowl
Just put this bowl into the freezer overnight....put in your ice cream mixture the next day and have some delicious ice cream.stir once in a while and have fun with our DIY ice cream freezer bowl today!
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We only sell DIY's
We only sell Diy ice cream makers, no automatic electrical ice cream maker we selling.
There is lot of people who loves DIY cooking rather than using some high tech Equipment.
Me myself loves DIY cooking,there is so much fun in DIY ,well although i am a chef...i used lots of high tech equipment like a super high tech Convection oven computesied,blast freezer.....and more...but when comes to home cooking,i'l use a whisk to whip up my chiffon or butter cake instead using a automatic so much fun when i use just my whisk......
cooking is about fun! enjoy the process,you will never complain about how long you take to prepare a food because you love cooking....